The Cool Llama

Llamas are cool, they are fun and cheeky with an audacious character. Having been born in Chile I had the pleasure of seeing these majestic animals roam free in the Andes in their natural habitat which had an immense impact in the admiration I developed for these awesome creatures.

Moving to Australia at the age of 9 in 1986 I was confused to see not everyone knew about these South American icon. How was this possible? After all, back home everyone knew about koalas and kangaroos from the land down under. 

To my surprise though, by the early 90's it seems some Australians had also had the chance to fall in love with these creatures and slowly llama and Alpaca farms started to become part of the Australian landscape. I can't explain the joy and sense of pride seeing these farms brought to my heart. I mean, who can resist to smile when they come in contact or see these exquisite animals.

Moving forward to 2019, it seems llama's have become a world craze and with good reason. So, as a way of honouring my heritage and sharing this passion with other's we have dedicated a whole collection to the 'cool llama' at topical tropes. This includes things such as mugs, shirts, towels, swimsuits and more filled with colour or quirky quotes they make the perfect gift to those who share our passion for llamas. But best of all it means you can have a cool llama next to you every day without having to travel to the Andes or going to a farm.


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